Saturday, November 29, 2008

Industry Broadcast: Podcasts of Senzee 5 Articles

A Senzee 5 podcast (Audio Article #34: Concurrency in Game Design + Why Use C++?) is now available at Industry Broadcast ( read aloud by Ryan Wiancko. There's a lot of really great stuff there, so get over there and check it out!

The audio article posted combines my entries Concurrency in Game Development and Why Do We Use C++?

Industry Broadcast is the result of Ryan's great idea to offer insight from game developers in audio format. He says -

I was toiling over one disappointing aspect of almost every one of my days: That being that I have so little time outside of my 16-20 hour work day to be a human being that I never am able to sit down and read enough of the articles being published online about the games industry. Occasionally my RSS feeder throws something at me that I just have to make time for but for the most part I see the headlines of features and articles and have to regretfully click away and focus on the 65 new emails sitting in my mail box. I thought ‘God, if I could just have an LCD in the shower with me I might actually have the ability to digest the plethora of useful information regularly being shared by the top minds in our industry.” And then an even better idea struck me: If all of this material was available in Audio Format then I, as well as fellow developers, could be listening to these amazing articles whilst working out or doing the dishes, or or or.

Ryan also maintains a personal blog here.

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