Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Consultant's Law

I spent about half of my career working for Kansas City's Metro Information Services, then Keane (when they acquired MIS) as a consultant. As a consultant, I eventually learned a crucial truth which applies to consultants and employees alike. It's just that employees have the luxury of forgetting this from time to time.

The Consultant's Law

As directly as possible, ensure that your efforts make money for your clients.

That's the secret to really long contracts and an high level of control over your career. There's a well known evil doppelganger of this law that I'll call The Law of Job Security.

The Law of Job Security

As directly as possible, ensure that your absence will cost your clients money.

A lot of people seem to live by this law. It's subtly different from The Consultant's Law, but The Law of Job Security breeds resentment and comes across as unprofessional and opportunistic. It's also dangerous, because as irrational as it is in some cases, people tend to punish those who take advantage of them - even when it costs them and their company.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Poker Revisited + ESPN

I hadn't given much thought to poker hand evaluators lately when I received a comment today on the post 7 pointing me to this absolutely fantastic roundup of open hand evaluators at Coding the Wheel.

James Devlin clearly put an enormous amount of work into this analysis of currently available evaluators. As part of that work, he finished up my 7 card evaluator I posted here a year-and-a-half ago! He offers it as a library with a number of other evaluators including the phenomenal 2+2 evaluator.

And of course, I also really appreciate James' comments :) -

Paul Senzee is well known, in poker-programming circles, for his perfect hash optimization to the original Cactus Kev evaluator and for being an all-around programming BAMF.

Honestly, after that great post and the 2+2 evaluator, I'm not sure if there's any more I could possibly add to the problem of poker hand evaluation.

Although In Other Projects..

Something I've done a little work on recently - At ESPN, Play-by-Play Goes Virtual.