Tuesday, August 05, 2008

If NetFlix Rents Games?

I really love NetFlix. So much that I've considered ditching many of the DVDs I own. And since starting NetFlix, I have bought very few.

NetFlix renting games has been rumored since its inception. Other services, such as GameFly have stepped in to try to become the NetFlix of games. But while NetFlix is mainstream, I suspect that GameFly's subscriber base is far from it - and it is an additional charge and an additional service if you already have NetFlix. Unlike movie makers, game makers don't have an equivalent to a 'box office' take. So if NetFlix were to ever decide to rent games, while initially great for the consumer, I believe it would profoundly impact game developer's revenue. Which would, in the end, be bad for the consumer given the skyrocketing cost of game development.

So how do we, as game developers, develop a NetFlix-proof business model? Is it all MMOG's from here on out?

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Anonymous said...

If NetFlix starts renting games,we would probably have to make a deal with NetFlix to get a % of their revenue of the rented games.