Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What the @#$*! is that Noise?

The Art of Pranking at EA

Video. Fine moments in pranking at EA Tiburon. You'll see narration by my former manager, Rob Hyder, who pulled off perhaps the finest prank ever here - The Disappearing Door.

Our prank may not be as cool as some of those, but we're still refining it. The target? Fazeel Gareeboo, my manager.

1. Misdirection

Fazeel was out for two weeks, so he was likely expecting some sort of prank. So we had to do something obvious. There's a certain report that Fazeel hates, so of course we papered his cube with it.

2. The Idea

The real idea was to set up an annoying noise that went off whenever the target scooted his chair in to work. Fortunately, Fazeel sits next to the window. So I made a detector that set off a sound whenever a shadow is cast on it. Camouflaged the detector by hollowing out an electrical adapter and used the wire from the adapter to connect with the control circuitry and the buzzer.

Then we taped the buzzer box (yes, made from a Wal-Mart soapdish) to the back of Ryan Burkett's monitor. The box sported a switch so that Ryan could flip it on and off at will.

We got three solid days of torture out of that baby! Yeah!

So, of course, I built a bigger, badder, wireless version with voice playback that I'll post about later.

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MoJo said...

Mitch, as the voice of God, to Kent: "And stop playing with yourself."

Kent: "It is God."