Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Times of Lore (maps)

A few years ago I wrote a program to spit out the maps from the PC version of the 1988 game Times of Lore, which I loved as a youngster. Where there were cities mostly show up here as bright green grassy areas. Thanks to Andrew Schultz and his site for inspiring me to dig up and post these images. Oh, and check out Kenn Rice's site too.

The world -

The dungeons -


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the maps, I love this game, it was one of the first I used to play on my old commodore 64, I was hooked :)

JeeBee said...

Fun beginner action RPG, spent a long time playing this on the CPC back in the day. They did a good job fitting such a large world into the 8-bit's memory! Shame it didn't have more missions and dungeons though.

Joshua Smith said...

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Christine Johnson said...

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