Tuesday, July 31, 2007

NCAA 08's Video Highlights

I'm pretty proud of this one. ;)

Thousands of user-created videos from NCAA Football 08!


I posted this on 4/12/07:

I've been working on a little something special in NCAA Football 08. An NCAA Football 08 First Look article by GameSpot details the surprise. So now that it's public..

".. Once you've found a highlight you're particularly fond of, you can then choose to create a highlight of that play. This lets you choose from multiple camera angles to take a snapshot or segment of game-generated video. From there, you can either save these photos or videos on your hard drive or upload them to share with friends. .."

About the middle of last year, I was asked to do some R&D for this technology. Not long after that we were building it. Still, it came really close to being cut on a number of occasions. There were times when it seemed impossible to satisfy all of the below constraints and still produce a video of acceptable (or any) quality. I had taken some time off for a bit of surgery as NCAA was finalling and came back to find some bugs in my .flv encoder. So, I was a little paranoid that some random, unforseen issue might render the whole feature unusable in the shipped game.


There were some wicked constraints putting this one together including -
  • Encoding while rendering the game at 60fps/X360 and 30fps/PS3 without dropping frames.
  • Keeping final file size small enough to not overwhelm the servers and to keep our bandwidth costs down.
  • Final visual quality given the other constraints.
  • Memory during encoding. Early in the cycle, I gave a rough estimate of 25MB free memory in-game to encode to .flv. It turns out we had to do it in under 500K in-game, and we did that by offloading some tasks until later and some other tricks I won't - and shouldn't - go into ;).
  • No sound. This one's hard to take but we just didn't have time. Remarkably, on the web, I haven't seen anyone complain about this. For next year.
  • 15 frames per second. Yes, we wanted thirty, but we could only do that with a smaller frame size. Believe me, the trade off was well worth it. Also for next year.
  • Video dimensions. We would have liked a larger frame size but we just didn't have the machine resources or network bandwidth to spare.
All in all, I think we struck a reasonable balance and it works. It's exciting to see people this jazzed about it! This technology is now quite the buzz around EA and next year we'll be seeing it in a lot more titles.

Will this technology and its descendants usher in the Web 2.0 era in console sports gaming?

I hope so!

Update Jan 3, 2008

Check out #2 on this list at pastapadre.com.

.. Launching with the release of NCAA Football 08 [EA Sports World] was an immediate success as fans of the game utilized the screenshot and video uploading features and it became one of the most positively responded to new additions to any sports game in recent memory. ...

For video highlights and optimizations geared at getting our football games to 60fps on PS3 starting with NFL Tour, I was nominated for the 2007 Outstanding Achievement in Engineering award for EA Sports - Tiburon. :)


Colin C. said...

It'd be quite nice if recorded, sharable movies quickly became part of the featuresets for new upcoming games. I always love it when we get to share tech like that. This is a rocking feature.

Nice job.

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