Monday, February 05, 2007

Red 5's Pitch

(First off, special thanks go to Ryan Burkett who allowed me to use his digital camera to photograph these items.)

Last week I received a Fed-Ex package at my desk. All excited to get a package, (kind of like those people who win on the radio and say "I never win anything!!") I grabbed Ryan Burkett to open it with me. Inside there was a ~3"x~6"x~1" paper box that looked like some sort of puzzle. The box was orange and black with an artist's rendering of the birth of a planet. It carried a large white digit 1 in the lower left-hand corner. Small print above the 1 read:

not the end
a beginning
a new beginning

One corner was cut out and a slightly smaller box was visible inside. I opened the first and pulled out the second. It was similar, with olive green instead of orange and a large 2 in the corner. It sported an illustration of a shard of molten rock (or perhaps the broken wing of a spacecraft?) and read:

not a new world
but an old world
made new

So, I figured this is some kind of Matryoshka doll package. I pulled out the third box, sea-green, marked with a large white 3 and a primordial underwater scene.

no change is peaceful
and through life struggles
it also thrives

Out came number four, peach-orange with a river of lava flowing through the gaping maw of a mountain pass.

to forge a new path
through the darkness
to rise to the call of glory

And then finally number five, red with the image of a blue elf from Red 5's website and the text:

not the end
a new beginning
with new eyes to greet it

The fifth opens like a book or a box of software and inside was an iPod Shuffle with my name engraved on it!

Now pausing for a moment, it occurred to me that everything about this is loaded with references that I don't think I fully understand. The images and text seem sort of Genesis with the days of creation and all, but that's six days, not five. So I'm not sure if that's the reference, but it seems an apt associaton with the creation of a new studio, a new game and the new changes of the people's lives who are coming to join Red 5.

So I power up the iPod and listen to track 1.

Paul, this is Mark Kern, President of Red 5 Studios and former team lead for World of Warcraft. I came across your blog on the net and was impressed with the depth of your inquisitiveness regarding game design, programming and mathematics. Your work at Tiburon is impressive and we'd love the chance to meet you. At Red 5 we're assembling a team of incredibly talented individuals dedicated to pushing the envelope in online entertainment. We're building a new type of game company and a new type of game. And we believe you're someone who just might fit into the Red 5 family. Log into and enter the code found engraved on this iPod. We'll tell you all about it.

So I pull up the site:

Who are we?

Red 5 is a creator-owned, newly formed studio driven to create new and orginal massively multiplayer online entertainment. We are world-builders, storytellers and game makers. We own what we make, and we have the financial backing to stand on our own.

So Here’s Why We’re Calling.

Red 5's CEO came across your blog and was impressed with the depth of your inquisitiveness regarding game design, programming, and mathematics. Your work at Tiburon is impressive, and we'd love the chance to meet you.

Because of this, you are one of one-hundred people in the industry we've invited to check out Red 5 Studios. We've played your games, and respect your skills.

Paul, we are hiring, so feel free to take a look at our open positions. We had a few in mind that might be a good fit, but we really believe in people and, specifically, your potential. If you don't see something that fits, we can talk about tailoring something to your specific talents.

Pretty impressive pitch, huh? Certainly very flattering!

Here's the original post.


Oliver Reichenstein said...


I just learned how I have to pitch my new product. I am going to use that exact technique.

Innovative Packaging
Fearless Storytelling
Unwrapped Generosity
Explosive Creativity

Companies that hire their employess with that much dedication must produce amazing stuff. Thanks for sharing this awesome presentation.

Please keep us posted on what happens next.

Johnny Prewitt said...


Thanks for posting this.

Our recruiting message can not compete Red 5 Studios expcensive, direct and slick marketing, but we do offer SW Enginners a chance to work on great technology inside a stable and engineering driven environment.

We are seeking talented engineers who want to develop the best games in the sports genre.

Paul, we could make the move to California easy for you and your family. The family room, kid wrestling is terrifc here in Northern California- and we have great beaches too.

Johnny Prewitt, Sr. Recruiter
Visual Concepts/Kush Games – 2KSports
415-507-7695, workstation
415-608-4442, cell phone

And if you want to compare our games to those from EA, just follow these links:

Senzee said...


Thank you for your comment! At this time, I'm not in the market for a job change.



Senzee said...

Mark Kern pointed me to a very similar article at the Escapist Magazine.

Pushing the Envelope: Red 5 Recruiting

- Paul Senzee

Leus said...

To Johnny Prewitt:

John, every time you repeat the phrase "stable and engineering driven environment," God kills a kitten.

Please don't do it again.

John said...

Awsome. Thanks for the detail and the pix. It inspired my own post about how to hire the best people.

Brad said...

Pfft! I get that kinda stuff all the time.
Just last week the cleaners left a card in my cubicle remarking that mine was always so clean and asking if I'd join their elite team.

Stewart said...

We've been sending ipods which contain customized messages for the past couple of years. We are a promotion and advertising production company and they go out to clients as gifts.

Joylie said...

I was impressed with that recrutiment pitch, too. It was top notch!

Speaking of using iPods, there was an article in yesterday's PC World's Techlog about Apple selling it's one millionth iPod. Here is an excerpt:

Back in January, 2004, Apple released a press statement trumpeting the fact that it had sold over two million iPods. Neat. A year later, it bragged that it had sold ten million of 'em. Even more impressive. And today, it's telling the world that it's sold a hundred million iPods since the first one appeared a bit over five years ago, which it says makes its iconic little gadgets the fastest-growing music players in history.

Chasley Armistace said...

Paul, my company can't afford an engraved ipod or custom message from the CEO, but we want to hire you, too.

We've got a wrestling room on premises, a nearby stockyard where you can get huge cuts of meat at wholesale prices, home delivery of cinderblocks, and all the Hubba Bubba Exstream Graype Blasters you can chew (what can I say, the CEO's into them). We can't provide relocation costs, but there's a pretty sweet room you can stay in a few weeks right in the office we've got set up with a bed and some posters. No windows, though, hope that's ok.

And man, our games rock! They're those little puzzle games that come for free on cheap phones, you know? Really fun stuff, at least the demos are.(I never actually bought the full version of one yet.)

idevelop said...

kind of spooky, different people getting personalised messages in an ipod. reminds me of Saw (the movie).

"hello john... i've been watching you..."

Sandro Camarao said...


you are obviously a man in demand. I saw your blog too in my search for a game developer. We would love to have a guy like you on staff but obviously you have a really good situation going at EA.

I am in the Orlando area too...not to far from EA. I would love to take you out to lunch or dinner and present you to our company and position. Maybe you know someone that would fit...especially here in Orlando.

ping me with an email and we can coordinate a day and time.

free ps3 said...

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Diana said...

Yes, it is very impressive! While I was reading I was trying to guess the end of story, but I couldn't imagine this of course. Red 5 has definitely great policy for searching for smart people and hire them. Yes, maybe it's flattering, but they do it in such unusual and unique way... If Red 5 hire people usuing these methods, I think they can have good conditions and I would see just for curiocity.

Sarah said...

so did you go to Red5?? I hope so!!! :)

Sarah said...

so did you go to Red5?? I hope so!!! :)

Jason said...

Wow :) That was quite impressive. They contacted me just now through but I'm just an effects artist so I didn't get an ipod ;) LOL I'm in the market for an effects job again so I was googling them up for research on their company when I stumbled across your blog. I agree with one of the comments that this was actually a fun read. I too was curious what the outcome would be.
Thanks for the entertainment and insight into Red 5's "personality".

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