Thursday, February 01, 2007

Red 5 Studios

This week I received a package from Mark Kern, former team lead of World of Warcraft and current CEO of Red 5 Studios who is, it turns out, a fan of my blog! Before I delve into more, let me say that Mark and company have the coolest recruitment strategy I've ever seen. And although I'm not looking to leave EA Tiburon at this point in my career, perhaps there's a future out there..

Mark and I spoke for some time about his company. Red 5 aims for the center of the emerging MMO phenomenon in ways that transcend east-west cultural boundaries to create an experience as compelling for Chinese and Korean gaming communities as it is for American, European and Japanese communities. What's more, Red 5 is staffed with a large number of ex-Blizzard game makers who know how to build the kinds of MMOGs that can do this. As an American company at ease with Asian cultures, Red 5 has given an enormous amount of thought to handling the cultural nuances to make this work. I'm not an expert when it comes to MMOs, but I'm convinced. If there's a developer to back in the MMO space, it's these guys.

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