Friday, February 02, 2007

The Impossible Dream #1

True Story

In Mexico I met a poor farmer named Miguelito who lived in the little town of Metepec (Atlixco), Puebla. Many years before, in a vision, the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe entrusted him to build a cathedral, high up on the hill above the town. She promised him that he would not die until he'd set the final stone. He quickly enlisted the help of the townspeople and over 15 years constructed a small, beautiful hilltop church. At the time Miguelito showed me the rust-colored church it was nearly complete and he explained that this meant that his time was near. His mistress had been generous enough - Miguel was 104 years old!

My Impossible Dream - My Own Open World Game

So, is it possible, working a few scant hours each week on evenings and weekends to build a (simple) open-world game by myself? We shall see. I've occasionally been working on the game since about a year before I came to EA but I think I'll make a more public spectacle out of it on this blog - to keep me motivated.

So why do I even want to do this? Because it's impossible.

Some prototype screenshots
Some generated content and concepts

Next Time: in the next installment of The Impossible Dream, we'll look at what this game will be about and how we will use automatic content generation to build our world.

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