Monday, May 15, 2006


Because I enjoy creating games on my own time and am attracted to the sort of open world games described in the previous post, I'm interested in automatic generation of urban landscapes for games. There is no way I can create an entire city such as the cities of GTA or Ultimate Spider-Man without a high level of automation. I've seen some work in this area, most of which is concerned with generating low-detail cities in real-time. I'm interested in offline high-detail content creation.

From 2004 to early 2005 I developed a pair of programs to accomplish this. The first of these is pov2mesh, a program that converts a constructive solid geometry (CSG) file (Pov-Ray format) into a Maya vector .obj file. The second of these is Urbia which generates the CSG file from an abstract .xml definition of the world, fills in the blanks and invokes pov2mesh to complete the conversion to .obj. The pov2mesh application is currently offered as shareware on my site. I also plan to offer Urbia as shareware when it's more polished.

See this for a discussion of pov2mesh's future and feasiblity.

A city block generated by Urbia for my game in progress Cuervo.

(Updated 7/10/07)

Here are some great links passed on from an EA guy who went to SIGGRAPH 06-


J Woody said...

Let me know when Urbia is finished



I try to buy a licence of Pov2Mesh, but I can't. ¿can you help me?